• I've followed Dr. Joe and Maxine since their early days of education at Life U. These are future leaders in the world of Chiropractic and the Richmond community is very blessed to have them.

    Tristan Schaub Founder ChiroSushi
  • I was skeptical of chiropractics but Dr. Joe changed my perspecitve. During my time with him, he focused on the "Why?" of chiropractics. He led me through the adjustment explaining the steps and why he was making the adjustments he was. He is knowledgeable and works well with patients. I look forward to future adjustments by Dr. Joe!

    Jonathan Holloway Patient
  • Dr. Joe at Upper Cervical Chiropractic is very patient with his people. He is one of the three doctors that makes me look forward to going to Upper Cervical for a treatment and a happy smile.

    Vicki Eubanks Patient
  • Awesome group of Dr.’s! They have been a great help with my pain and allergies! Thanks!

    Nan McCullers Kazsmer Patient

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