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We specialize in restoring and maintaining a higher quality of life and health in our patients.

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Here at Omni Family Chiropractic in Richmond Virginia, we want to be your coach in your health care decisions, giving you the information you need to allow you to make informed decisions about your health care.

Realizing that your spine and nervous system controls the function, healing and recreation of your body is the first step in understanding chiropractic. When your spine is in the correct alignment, flexible and moving well, your nervous system is able to communicate to the rest of your body thus maximizing the body’s function, healing, and recreation.

This is the way your body was designed to operate! Chiropractic is safe, natural and effective.
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What Our Wonderful Patients Say

  • I went to see Dr. Joe due to neck pain that was radiating in all directions. I had found it difficult to do everyday things and the constant pain was testing my patience. I have 3 young children I needed to care for, Dr. Joe got me moving and pain free. He is kind, intelligent and cares about his patients. Thank you for always getting to the root of the problem quickly so your patients can get back to living their life pain-free. You and your staff are the best!

    Felicity Rains
  • Absolutely love Omni Family Chiropractic! Dr. Maxine really listens and makes sure you are comfortable. Always very accommodating.

    Jen Armstrong

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