chiropractic alignment

What is a Chiropractic Alignment?

Chiropractic alignment is also known as an adjustment

Having alignment in all things in life is super important. Being aligned spiritually, mentally, physically plays a big part of what you do with your goals, your spouse, your values, etc.

It only makes sense to keep the physical body in alignment to function and adapt to stress in an optimal way. The reason that a chiropractic alignment or adjustment is of utmost importance is due to the influence of the structure of the bones onto the function of the spine.

Imagine you are going down the highway and one wheel is off a degree or so. You can jerk the steering wheel back to center, but over time, that causes damage to the car because you are forcing it to function with wasted energy and imbalances.

chiropractic alignment
Why do we sometimes treat our cars with more maintenance than our bodies?
Chiropractic alignment is no different than a mechanic for your car.

Simply jerking the wheel around does not fix the problem. In fact, it actually creates more problems the longer you go without fixing it. And most importantly, you can have a subtle alignment problem and NOT EVEN KNOW.

We use state of the art technology to formulate a plan on how to get your alignment back on tract. A digital posture assessment, chiropractic examination, and nervous system evaluation give us a quantifiable number of your functional health.

After all, it’s all about function, right? A chiropractic alignment and adjustment are perfect!

Explaining alignment with Skully

Dr. Joe Abretski and Dr. Maxine Toro are two chiropractors in Richmond, Virginia that specialize in functional health goals and restoring alignment – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally! If one is impacted, then everything else follows!