chiropractic x-ray

Purpose of Chiropractic X-Ray

Structure of the spine

Chiropractic x-ray is meant to locate structural imbalances in the spine. Physical, chemical, and emotional stress impacts the ability of the body to adapt that results in subluxation.

These misalignments between the spinal bones (vertebra) end up causing major shifts in the structure of the human frame. Just like a car and its wheels, the body does not like being out of alignment. The long there is an underlying issue, the more wear and tear occurs.

chiropractic x-ray
High-five for chiropractic x-ray!

Function of the nerves

Structure impacts function. You ARE your nervous system. Your nervous system is centralized in your spine.

The main reason that chiropractic x-ray is utilized is to correlate that with your innate function! There is good news….

We can DIRECTLY measure the nervous system function without (always) needing to use x-ray. The technology at Omni Family Chiropractic is state-of-the-art and intended to diagnose the root cause of your health concerns.

Chiropractic x-rays and other diagnosis testing

Our chiropractic patients are like family to us. Listen to what they have to say about the testing that we utilize:

The Omni Family Chiropractic team has been a blessing! The unprecedented level of care Dr. Joe and Dr. Maxine have for their patients is evident in their knowledge, expertise, and easy explanation of procedures necessary for healing. I had been having chronic headaches for nearly four months that were affecting my active lifestyle, recovery, and work among some other skeletal issues that exacerbated the frustration I was having with my body. After discussing with Dr. Joe and some thorough examinations, he came to some conclusions that he thoroughly explained to me and with a plan of action for care. Upon the first appointment for adjustments, I left pain free and amazed at just how confident I felt in the hands of these two medical professionals. For anyone seeking medical advice for seemingly evasive issues, I recommend Omni Family Chiropractic with the highest praise of their knowledge, professionalism, and genuine care for their patients.

-Annie H. from Google

Chiropractic X-ray and other testing

We look forward to serving you, your family, and all your friends at Omni Family Chiropractic here in Richmond, VA.