Chiropractic and migraine

3 Things to Avoid For Migraines

Migraine and chiropractic – what is the relationship?

Stresses of life

chiropractic and migraine
Stress impacts body function and health


Physical stress impacts the alignment of the spine via an external force. These can be small micro traumas or larger macro traumas. An example of a micro trauma could be a slip and fall or a misstep when walking. A macro trauma would be a violent car accident or sports injury.

The bones of the spine can slip out of their normal alignment along the joint when the body can not adapt and overcome this stress.


Emotional stress is stored within the nervous system. Ever heard someone tell you that they “carry their stress in their shoulders”? That stress you feel after a long day at work is very real! The body holds onto experiences you have in life. Particularly stressful things like a death in the family, loss of income, or relationship challenges impacts how you are able to adapt.


If you woke up in the morning and ate donuts and drank beer, do you think you would be feeling great or not so great? Many migraine sufferers experience chemical stress in the form of “triggers” for the onset of their migraines. Wine, chocolate, cheese, etc can all be chemical stresses that overload the body and result in subluxations and migraines.

The relationship between migraine and chiropractic

It’s very simple: bringing alignment and balance back to the spine and nervous system is critical for function. If the body is under constant physical, chemical, and emotional stress, it begins to break down.

For some, this comes in the form of a migraine.

For others, it could be back pain, sciatica, immune system issues, anxiety, ADHD, vertigo, or worst – nothing. The spine can be subluxated without the presence of symptoms. This is why it is important to get checked by a chiropractor early and often.

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The Omni Family Chiropractic team has been a blessing! The unprecedented level of care Dr. Joe and Dr. Maxine have for their patients is evident in their knowledge, expertise, and easy explanation of procedures necessary for healing. I had been having chronic headaches for nearly four months that were affecting my active lifestyle, recovery, and work among some other skeletal issues that exacerbated the frustration I was having with my body. After discussing with Dr. Joe and some thorough examinations, he came to some conclusions that he thoroughly explained to me and with a plan of action for care. Upon the first appointment for adjustments, I left pain free and amazed at just how confident I felt in the hands of these two medical professionals. For anyone seeking medical advice for seemingly evasive issues, I recommend Omni Family Chiropractic with the highest praise of their knowledge, professionalism, and genuine care for their patients.

-Annie H.

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